three weeks and counting . . .

So the last few weeks have been something else! 

The day before yesterday (Sunday) marked three weeks since Jennica and I started dating.


I think Jennica pretty much sums it up for both of us in this line from a note:

“Sometimes I dont believe it’s true, but I am SO glad it is!”


She is pretty much the most wonderful young lady I have ever met, and its so often breathtakingly overwhelming that she’s my girlfriend . . . its amazing . . .


Kt October 8, 2008

never would have guessed…………..

reuben October 9, 2008

Chris Barber has seen you!! Now you’re in for it! (She said that SHE was CUTE!!)

I was eavesdropping and overheard that-y’know, one of my favorite pastimes 🙂

Amos October 9, 2008

haaahaha . . . keep it up bro . . . itd be nice to know what peoples are thinking . . . as a note though, I agree with Chris about her . . . Jennica IS cute . . . AND a whole lot of other things too . . . 😉

Jennica-Ayelet October 9, 2008

I think I’ll go hide now…

Amos October 9, 2008

why would you go do that???

Chris is short for Christina . . . so that shouldnt be weirding you out . . .

Aunt Sherry October 14, 2008

Congratulations on the girlfriend.

I don’t know if your mom told you but Nathan and Courtney are now engaged. He asked her a couple of weeks ago. Will probably have a summer wedding.

Take care of Jennica

Tony Laws October 22, 2008

Amos, you Mom told me to check out your blog, so here I am. Little did I know I would get to find out our God has led you to a woman, and apparently vice versa. It is my opinion that the best thing that can happen to a man, second only to the Love of my Lord and Savior, is the love of a good and godly woman. I will be praying for you two
One brother to another,

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