foresthill bridge

this is the Foresthill Bridge . . . highest bridge in California at 760′ above the floor below, with one stinking awesome view from the top . . . a very cool spot . . . just dont stay in the middle for too long, it gets very windy and you dont really want to fall off the top. Where this bridge may be found is up in Auburn, CA . . . a pretty sweet town based on the peoples I know from that area, and from what little time Ive spent there. 

I didnt shoot this picture, Jennica didnt shoot this picture, we were just walking on the bridge, so I stole it from Flikr. But its just one of the really cool things we did this weekend. I think Ive decided that Northern California is one of the prettiest places in the country. Parts of it are just amazingly beautiful!!

Trees, valleys, open meadows, small towns, antique houses, quiet streets to walk in, clear skies to watch shooting stars in, and so much more. My heart is so full from an amazing weekend. I got to spend a few days with Jennica’s family, hanging out, visiting those places/doing those things I mentioned. Just having a great time enjoying their company, getting to know everyone a little, meeting a few people that Ive heard of, otherwise just getting a break from the house I live in.  And spending lots of time with Jennica. 

Jennica . . . just her name makes me smile, shes fantastic. Shes quiet, patient, cute, smart, and I dont know what all else . . . mostly . . . just . . . wonderful!! *grins* 

We drove up to her house and back down, 6 hours or so each way, good times talking and just getting to know each other a little deeper.  Sweet time just talking, listening to music, rambling around all sorts of topics in our conversation. 

I guess the quick of the matter is that sitting here, after all of that, I am left overwhelmed that she and I are honestly really truly dating. Shes been the most amazing girl to spend time with. Yeah, sure, we still have a lot of things to work on I spose, just not having had all that much time to spend with each other yet . . . but we are working on that here and there 😉 and we are having some great times, Im excited for what lies ahead. 

So . . . yeah . . . *grins* . . . theres some great times happening, and more in the works . . . and things are good .  .  . very good . . . *smiles*

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  1. congratulations I am happy for you now with all those grins I bet aunt Cindi would get lots of hugs you make a cute couple can’s wait to meet her and give a hug remember I love you and I am very proud of you

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