Reflections on the birth of the Savior

So this isnt going to be much more then just a few thoughts stemming from our message on Sunday morning . . . but its been on my mind and I think I need to write it down lest I forget it.

We went through several passages, focussing on the need of the human race for a savior and how it was that there was that there wasnt any possible way for either God or human to do it. Man being the fallen corrupt persons that we are, are entirely incapable of saving ones own self, muchl ess anyone else, much less an entire world of the most evil and vile of sinners.

But we have the combination of God and Man in the person of Jesus, how this is possible we dont know but it happened, to the glory of God it happened.

But the part that I have been thinking over is a little later in the story, right after the birth the appearence of the whole multitufe of angels to a bunch of sheperds out in the fields.

Sheperds, think about it, who is a sheperd, what did they do, who were they, what ever became of them. The sheperds are just a collection of nobodys, people who were towards the bottom of the social pole. Sleeping out in the fields with thier animals would kinda tend in my book to push them out of life. But it is interesting to see that it was to these people, the rough and tumble of society, in a way they werent the kind of people that the birth of royalty would have been annouced to, much less the birth of the creator, but that is exactly what happened.

Think about it, in our times who would this be . . . . . and what would our response be if they came to us and told us that they had just recieved a world changing announcement . . . would we believe them?

What did they do? They went and made known what they had seen and heard and the people wondered, but I dont see where anyone went out and found the family in the stable . . .

Anyway, I guess if this is just a pile of ramblings its all I got right now . . . but still consider who it is that first heard the news of the birth of Christ . . . in the eyes of the world I am sure they were considered to among the least reliable or trustworthy, but in the eyes of God they were the only ones to recieve the news of His sons birth.