Good Times . . .

Greetings friends and foes alike!

Actually I dont know if I have any enemies that read this, but if I did they would be welcome anyway . . .

But to move on, I am sure that you all are wondering about the many various and exciting things that happened since my last post, and I hope that I will be able to soothe any concerns that I am out to make any trouble…..

So first off we had church on Sunday, it was really good . . . both in being home and also with the passages that we went through. Very encouraging and also challenging, I have a lot to think about this week.

Then we had a few hours for lunch and final preparations, aka naptime, before our guests arrived. And arrive they did, at the present time the numbers are still being crunched but suffice it to say that no matter who all was here there would have still been room for everyone else to come and still not run out of yummies. But nevertheless there was still a lot of people here.

And there was food, my goodness there was lot of food . . . and it was good. Major props to my sisters for doing all the work that they did for it. Chili and split pea soups, cookies, lemon bars, and lots of other good stuff.

All in all by the end of the party I was tired, not of people or food, but just in general. I feel like I talked for hours and hours, which I guess I did, and yet at the same time I also feel like I didnt get to talk to some of the guests enough. I think I answered the same series of questions over and over, new guests asking me how things went last semester and also coming off of last spring when I was in Israel.

I think next year I will have to write up a FAQ for everyone to read before they start in on me, it will make it more interesting for all involved and we can move on to more interesting things then the obligatory singleness check and semester rundown.

In other news I think I may be catching up on sleep, I have been getting somewhere around 10 hours a night . . . and it has been super awesome! I love sleep!

Thats about it for now . . . today I was helping my brother work on his car, we put a transmission in his Subaru. Got nice and messy and cold . . . its been not super cold, but somewhere right around freezing over night with highs in the mid to low 50’s . . . about a 35 degree change from the California weather I have been used to.