I realize its stinking late, and I know you all are probably wondering what I am doing starting a post at this hour. And Im just going to let you continue wondering that . . . 


I had a great evening tonight with a good friend. Spent somewhere around 3 hours hanging out, eating, and generally just catching up on things. Definitely some amazing stuff. 


And I have to say that people who are afraid of going out, spending time with a friend, and cutting through a lot of the superficial front that we stick up are missing out. Not often in the past having either the time or place to do what we did tonight, it struck me once again that openess, honesty and consideration are key to an accurate understanding of ANY form of communication. At least in any form of communication that is building a relationship. It doesnt take much to ruin that, as we are all experts in interpersonal interaction because we do it all the time, and I really appreciate how I am finding more and more people who are meeting me in that.


If everyone was able to tear down the facade they hide behind, and sit down and actually talk to each other, AND say something with meaning while doing that, a whole bunch of the problems that we run into would totally and completely disapear.


Pursue clarity, pursue honesty, pursue gentleness.

2 thoughts on “Mornin’

  1. Amos, how many times over the last three weeks i have sat and had meaningful conversations i don’t know. but every time it happens (which is a lot) i am thankful that i am truly His child and not just a wandering sinner place somewhere. because without Him i would not even be having these conversations. so yeah. thanx btw!

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