let the misadventures begin? continue? something like that . . .

I have to say before I really begin that I have been blessed by friends who have helped me out with things when I ask, and that most of the time they end up laughing at/with me. So its perfectly fine if you do the same. OK?


Once upon a time there was a man . . . well, more like an old kid really, and he was in college. Now this man was having a blast in school, but for the first few years of college he didnt have a car. So he borrowed rides from friends, and took the school shuttle van on a very regular basis.

One summer he found a Honda that was a little beat up, but ran well. After a little haggling with the seller, he managed to talk the price down about 350 dollars from where it began. He was very pleased. A few months after he had secured the car, he drove it halfway across the country to where he was going to school.

About a month after he got to school, and after he was well into the semester. He had a blowout and then a couple of weeks later the rediator on the car stopped holding pressure and started blowing steam all over the place. Somehow both of those repairs were paid for, and the car ended up in pretty good shape. Then a few months later, the front brake rotors went bad on him. While he was at Disneyland!

After making it back ‘home’ and getting a shop to fix it. It took all of about another month or two before the clutch cylinder decided it had been pushed around enough and up and quit . . . while the man was meeting a friend for lunch!

There was the first date that the car wouldnt start for . . . another day when the brake cylinders both went bad, and then it started running really rough about a week ago. That one was solved in very short order with a new distributor cap and rotor. Runs beautifully! Up until tonight again . . . driving down to church one of the spark plugs lets go, and “pops.” So now he has a car that sounds like a popcorn machine!! Its hilarious, and yet . . . sad. The car has once again shown its need for some work. And thus the man opens up the hood and takes a look, calls a few people cause he doesnt know exactly whats going on under there, and ends up walking halfway across town to find the parts needed to fix it!

The old sparkplug had failed to hold together. The ceramic insulator had loosened up and allowed it to slide up and down inside the metal ring that was threaded into the block. No damage was done to the internals of the engine, which was a great blessing. And the car is now driving again. The man is happy to have avoided another trip to the shop, but at the same time is sad that his car is slowly falling apart. 

The End.

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  1. so will there be a trip to N.C. this summer in your very nice ~lil honda~??!?!
    *note, Tina O. was not in anyway, thought of when comment was/is posted. .. . . . . .

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