How to Talk to Girls

because every 9 year old needs THIS kind of advice . . . 


watch it!!







Then come read my opinion . . .













Watch it!!








Ok, so if you got this far, you either watched the video, or your a knucklehead and arent going to watch it, no matter how many times I tell you that you need to . . .



Anyway, I was entertained by the interview . . . I thought it was a good take on the whole relational world, at least for a 4th grader. One of my favorite lines was “. . . or, if you’re brave enough you could walk up to the girl and say ‘Hi’ and then if the girl says ‘Hi’ back, then umm, youre off to a really good start.” It made me laugh . . . guess I was never taught that girls were scary and NOT to be talked too, so the whole bravery thing is news to me!

Something else that makes me laugh is how life devestating the break-up can be. Seriously? going from A’s to C’s?!?!?!?! . . . being haunted for the rest of your life? . . . as a 9 year old?!?! . . . its just hilarious if you stop and think about it. But such are the way things go I spose.

What this also brought to mind for me though, is the dangerous world that is being built around us. This is a 9 year old who had to leave his “girlfriend” when his family moved out of Seattle! A 9 year old!! We are seeing the world at large going down the tubes. When I was 9 years old, I was flipping through LEGO catalogs, trying to pick the best kit, or chasing my brothers all over the outbuildings, or working in our family garden. The thing farthest from my mind was girls!

What he wraps up the interview with highlights the absurdity of what is going on. He talks about doing all these things right, and then if your lucky keeping the girl until middle school and maybe even high school where you can then start taking her out to dates and everything, and who knows, you could just get married!! Its nice that hes thinking that far down the road, but I think we all really kinda know that this sort of thing never works out. But back up just a little bit, to me it sounds like none of this is serious until high school. High School!! And here he is only halfway there, with a girlfriend, hoping that maybe he will be one of those lucky ones who make it another 4? 6? years to the real dates.

I want to know what it means to have a girlfriend at the age of 9. Im sitting here at 24 and Im pretty darn stinking sure that I dont know all that very much about it at all, and I HAVE a beautiful, wonderful girlfriend.

Anyway, its a rant that doesnt really mean much I spose . . . but think about the implications of all the young kids in the schools around us having these pseudo-relationships.

3 thoughts on “How to Talk to Girls

  1. i just wanted to say that you were thinking about girls when you were nine. . . . just how to get away from your sisters..’mom , the girls are trying to play with my legos! mom, they won’t let us play tackle football’ you were just thinking of ways to get rid of them!!

  2. I liked the picked on sister comment….I bet that is all truth. Anyways I liked your reasonings Amos. Reuben and I watched it, and it did make me laugh. But I agree with you on the part about him being 9 years old and already the seriousness of his “relationships” very interesting!!! Anyways thanks for finding that and telling us to watch it.=) Have a good evening…

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