14 weeks . . .

So . . . its been a while, but the changes in my life over the last three months have been breathtaking. I am so thrilled and excited to have spent this much time and gotten to know the most amazing young lady I know. Jennica makes me smile every day, and even though presently she isnt here (she went back North to have Christmas with her family) talking to her on the phone is very literally the highlight of my day. Anyway, when she was leaving, she gave me a pile of cards, one for each day that she is gone . . . and today was a list of what she didnt have 14 weeks ago. It really touched me, and I built up a list of my own.


14 weeks ago …

God started something huge in my life.

I didnt have a girlfriend.

There was no one whose name made me grin like a fool.

I was so nervous to be having a serious relational conversation, that I could hardly talk.

It was perfect weather to go on a walk, akward though it was.

No one necessarily believed that we were dating.

I became someones boyfriend.  😉

My prayers about my future began to include more then just myself.

The girl of my dreams waltzed into real life, my life.

Caring meant so much less.


14 weeks ago Jennica and I started dating.


Its amazing.


Shes amazing.


*big foolish grin*

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