and then there was a new one

I am finally writing something because I logged in today to start this post, and figured out that I was using an outdated version of WordPress to publish my blog. I know there isn’t all that many techies out there, so I will spare all the details, but in the midst of updating that I decided that I needed to redo the theme here. So I did.

I know it has been forever since I posted anything up here, and I want to say that I’m sorry, but that would be a lie, I’m not really that sorry for not writing. I have been doing other things with my time and working on other projects and such, so the simple fact that this is a volunteer effort makes it hard for me to prioritize it above those other things.

I have been doing some other fun stuff though, mainly just working and kicking it with Jennica.

I have done a short video for Crossroads Community Church, where we have been going for the last year or so.

This video was my first foray into solo production and I have to say that I learned a lot from the experience and I am excited to put together another video sometime for them.

In other news summer is well on its way out, which here in Southern California means that we have been dealing with 100° or warmer this week. Generally it isn’t too bad, without the Mid West humidity it is way more bearable. But is does also mean the beginning of the fire season. Thankfully over the past few years a lot of the burnable hillsides have done so, which means that there doesn’t seem to be a very high risk to our local area. That being said one of my friends was evacuated from her home about an hour north of here because of a fire, so who knows.

I know this is kind of random bits and pieces of information. Don’t worry, my thoughts will start to pull together a little more and I hope that it will reflect in future posts.

For now, stay tuned and hopefully I will get into the habit of posting on a more regular basis.


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