musings on water….

So I was sitting in the pool last night, about midnight, and I got to thinking about how much my life is similar to a swimmer in a swimming pool.

It was dark, and the lights were casting some really cool shadows/lines on the bottom of the pool. The waves were beautiful!  I noticed that as I was leaning on the edge of the pool, that there was a little halo on the bottom of the pool, as the waves were bouncing off of me. All in a circular pattern around me! Really cool!

So I watched them for a while, playing with them a bit, moving my arms and jumping up and down a little bit, and I realized that if the water represents the world around me, and I just stand here, I only influence the world immediately next to me.  Those waves were absorbed and totally disappeared within just a handful of inches of where I was standing.

If I took off and swam across the pool though, the waves not only went with me, but they would go all the way to the sides of the pool, generally affecting the whole pool.

The analogy generally falls apart if you add multiple people to the water, but I realized that if I just stand here and keep to myself that my influence on the world around me becomes minimal. But if I start moving across the pool towards a goal that the whole pool reacts to this.

How much more so in my Christianity?? A life that actively pursues Christ and the goals of humility, godliness, and Christ likeness is going to upset the soft, quiet flow of the world, no?

One thought on “musings on water….

  1. As I was musing about your “Musings About Water”
    I realize that this “pool” that we are moving around in is not a static pool waiting for someone to make waves in it, but it is a raging river flowing with all its strength and power away from God and willing, if possible, to drown any and all who are swimming against it’s flow.


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