The Officially unofficial rules of Calvinball

Nobody's allowed to question the masks 1. All participants must wear a Calvinball mask. Sorry, nobody’s allowed to question the masks!

2. Game’s object should be made up as you go along.

3. The Calvinball can be any type of spherical object, such as a volleyball, soccerball, basketball or snowball.

4. Any player involved can declare a new rule at any time. They can do it in their mind, or declare it out loud, or in any other fashion that they can come up with.

5. The Calvinball can be used for anything, whether it is thrown at your opponent, or balancing it on your head for bonus points, etc.

6. The Calvinball field can be divided up into zones in any way shape or form for any reason.

7. The score may be kept, but it doesn’t have the slighest bearing on the outcome of the game, and is usually nonsensical such as “Q to 12” or “Oogy to boogy”.

Only one permanent rule 8. Any sort of equipment may be used at any time for any reason. This includes but is not limited to croquet sticks, golf clubs, and flags.

9. If a player breaks a rule, they can attempt to declare another rule that will nullify their wrong doing.

10. If a player breaks any sort of declared rule and cannot figure out another rule to declare that will nullify the rule they’ve broken, the other player can make them sing any sort of song such as “The Very Sorry Song”.

11. This is the only permanent rule of Calvinball: It can never be played the same way twice.

SongsRule changes

So go ahead! Get some friends and try it out for yourself. This rule book isn’t required or even neccesary to play Calvinball, just get some masks and make sure you never play it the same way twice, and just make things up as you go along!