Wrists . . .

For all of you out there who have maybe been wondering whats been going on, or if you have heard something but arent quite sure what to believe. I have decided that now is the time to share it all and let you all into the exciting world that has enveloped me over the last few days.

 For starters, yes, I was in the Emergency Room on Tuesday night for virtually the entire night. No, they werent working on me that long, its just stretching for one Dr to be running the whole ER so someone has to suffer and since I wasnt dying as fast as someone else, I got stuck waiting my turn.

 The story goes as follows, I had just returned a movie to room 11 at the Manor and on my way back to my room (room 8 ) I went past 10. There are some great and crazy guys who live in 10, so as I went past I paused to kinda pop/smack the window, hoping to startle the guy inside. The window decided that this was enough and shattered as soon as I touched it, my hand flying through the glass and in the process my wrist was gashed open. Fortunantly it was perpendicular to my arm and nothing was seriously damaged internally. But also the cut is somewhere just over an inch long and it was pretty deep. There is also a little ‘T’ cut just off of it, so we have a very nice stitching job holding it all together. I suppose I could go on and on with all the gory details but I will spare the weak of stomach and heart. If you want to hear all the blood and guts parts, find me in person and ask.

 Out of this all though . . . I would never recommend grabbing Betadine and using it on anything less then a serious cut. It stings like nothing else I have ever felt. It was bad.

 For now, I have three stiches in my wrist and the requirement to change the wrapping/bandage daily . . . although for the most part when I checked it out earlier today it looked really really good, at least from what I could tell . . . no funny colors or odd smells.

 I have been doing pretty good with class, feeling overwhelmed quite often, but God has been faithful to keep me going and to help me get everything done that I need to so far.

 And finally I have decided that I have a new feature for you, I have launched a discussion forum that is attached to this page for all you crazy readers who have nothing else to do. I envision a community not around me but around the things that we encounter in life. A place to hang out and talk about things, things running the gamut from Movies, Music, Fun Time/Places to Theology and other issues . . . I’ve placed a link here on the main page at the very top of the right hand column, click where it says “Forum” and you shall be transported to the site. Feel free to bookmark it once you get there or here is the address if you just want to copy and paste http:\\www.amosralston.com\forum. You will have to register to use it, and for now I will have to approve your application, so please bear with as it takes off. Feel free to use it as much as you want, we shall be building a set of rules for posters and so forth as we go . . . I dont have all the time in the world so I will be picking a few assistants to help me out as well as doing some minor changes as we go. I hope you enjoy this and have a great and blessed time.