I guess its been a really long time since I posted last, and I really cant point to any ONE thing as causing that. It really just boils down to the simple fact that when I have time to write, I dont have the ideas; and when I have an idea to blog about, I dont have the time to sit down and write it!

Oh well, such is life.

there have been a few things that have happened that Id like to share though, so this will probably be more of an activities update than anything else.

a comment on God’s sovereignty: last week Tuesday I was working and one of the guys called in sick, not sure what it was, he didnt tell ME but it came down from my director that he was out for several days and they were going to be tweaking the schedule to cover for him. Not a big deal really, but our department is scheduled really tightly, so it was a bit of a juggling act to pull it all together, but they did.

my Thursday shift got bumped to Saturday morning, which was fine, but I was kinda annoyed since I was going to play frisbee that morning. Oh well, right? Thursday morning Jennica wakes me up cause her car wont start and she needs to get to work, so I go pick her up and drop her off at school (shes a substitute teacher) and carry on with my day returning to pick her up after school is out. THEN we go back to her place and try to sort out the car issues. No luck. Turns out at the end of the day we needed to tow it to the shop and they replaced the starter, works just fine NOW 😛

anyway, about the time we were getting started on the whole tow-to-the-shop bit was the same time that I should have been schedule for work, except for the sick-o changing everything up last week. Hmmm . . .

and we get to the shop and they have all the paperwork sorted out and then Jennica needs to get to her tutoring appointment AND she has a job on Friday too . . . so I let her borrow my car, since I didnt need it now, right?

Friday evening we picked up her car and everything is fine. Back to normal.

but I cant help but sit here in wonder at how perfectly everything worked out. I mean, if I had been scheduled to work, there was no way I would have been able to help her out, to be able to drop everything and make sure that her car got to the shop and everything was started ASAP.

its just the plain simple fact that God knew was what going to happen, and gave me the day off (however grudgingly I was about it) and then had everything work out with the least inconvenience to either of us.  Its amazing!

After it was all done, I just had one of those moments where I saw how it all worked together. My desire is to be where I can help Jennica with whatever comes up, and I know that if I had been working that day, I would have been majorly frustrated that I couldnt help her with this. So . . . yeah, I dont know . . . its just a story of how God knows what He’s doing and should just remind me to check MY attitude when things dont go the way I think they are supposed to go.

Hopefully this helps you to gain perspective in the midst of whatever is going on in your life right now. God is tweaking things for the best benefit of everyone involved. NOT just you, OR the way you see it. God has the big picture and even though things often times WONT make ANY sense to me, HE sees it all and makes sure that He puts YOU in the ONLY spot that will work.

Hang in there friends, life is NOT like the movies, but in the end, we DO have a beautiful ending, the BEST ending possible.

2 thoughts on “timing

  1. So there was the time that my car had to be jumped after work, and a coworker’s husband helped me out. After turning off the car and having to jump it again 🙁 , I was off and down the road. Not too many miles and getting close to evening, my car’s electrical system decided to give up the ghost. (Who could see any good in this situation?) I pulled off the freeway, tossed my shoes over the fence, scaled the fence, and was greeted by a stranger who later became my husband!
    Then there was the time at age forty, God decided to surprise us with another child! (Not all ladies would think this a pleasant surpise! But, God has His ways!) If we hadn’t been so blessed, we probably wouldn’t have adopted the three we did! We would probably be empty nesters now and three children might still be looking for a home.
    Perspective, it’s all about perspective! Look for the joy, look for God’s hand even in your troubles, and He will reveal Himself in many ways.
    It’s been 30+ years for my roadside stranger and I, and at times it has been a hard road. Sometimes a wild ride. But traveling it together with the Lord has made all the difference.

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