Sunday morning….

Its early, very early. So early on this morning that even I shouldnt be awake, but I am. And its not even bad enough that I am awake, but I am also sitting in my car waiting for another party to show up.

My phone goes off, a text. They are going to be late.

So I stay in my car, watching the other early risers this morning as they gather on this corner, huddled in their smaller conversational groups, part of a larger whole that all gather for the same reason.

This corner has it all, luxury cars, clunkers like mine, bicycles and people just walking up on foot. Its a busy place.

No one should actually be here, standing or sitting on the sidewalk between the building and the street. Some appear to have just woken up, others have been up for a while and then there are the ones like me, up earlier than normal but at the same time not just woken up.

There is a hunger in their eyes, the tired yawns that seem to long for something more then air. The crowd gets bigger as people casually join one at a time. Individually they leave the group and head inside, but only for a few minutes before they are back. Rotating around the circle they all take turns, a few of them go back for seconds. Life is good and as everyone gradually warms up to each other, the group begins to get lively. Stories start to flow, stories of their recent weekend adventures or some one who used to be part of the group. Something humorous that they read somewhere or even just the simple recounting of some nearly forgotten vacation tale.

All in all, its a good morning for them. I sat in my car, just watching and staying out of their way. Observing the lifestyle that gives them such a good time hanging out on the corner. Wondering what all else they do in the part of their lives that I cant see. Are they bankers? Realtors? Executives? Construction workers? Grandparents?

All of the group is older then I am, all of that group was male. Most of them are balding and aging faster then they want to admit. This habit helps them stay young, it helps them fit in with the younger crowd.

I didnt see anyone I knew until the late, texting party finally showed up, twice as long as they said they would be. But its ok, I dont really mind. Watching people gather and having a good time is kinda fun. Eventually my duty at that location was discharged and I returned home, but I remember the men sitting around and I ponder what else I should have done.