Quarters, Radiators, & Homework

So its been a while since I last sat down to write, and I have to admit that there have been alot of things going on. Nothing to huge or dramatic and certainly nothing life-threatening, but still plenty of things for sure.

To start with, after the whole tire fiasco a few weeks ago . . . I went on down to American Tire Co. and got some fresh new cladding for my wheels. It was really quick, but it worked out in the end. I did have another problem though . . . I fixed those on Tuesday and then Sunday as I had driven it to church we hit another problem. We got there and my hood was billowing steam from underneath, not such a good thing considering the way cars kinda need water to run right. So I checked it out and wasnt sure what was going on, stopped at a station and refilled it with water and then shortly it was pretty much steamed out again while we were on the freeway. We stop and pull into another station and check it out and I still cant quite find whats wrong with it but run into a guy who suggests a parts store bout a mile down the street. We try a few things and then it turns out that there is a crack in the radiator. Great thanks be given for one of the girls who has a AAA card, we got a mostly free tow back to the Manor and that kinda closed the saga of Sunday. The way it stands right now, a week later, is that the car is sitting on the street still, not working, waiting for some time to take it over to the shop and get it fixed.

Bleh . . . cars are expensive!

Then we have homework . . . after some fairly extensive research I have decided that life would be so much better without it! There would be time for sleep, time for friends, time to actually break down and study what we just went over in class instead of packing it away in the back of the brain to make room for the next batch of facts and definitions and things that we need for next week. Anyway, its all been going pretty good here, I have had a few late papers and things, but for the most part everything is going well. Coming up next week though I have pair of the first tests of the semester on Monday, so I am sure that will be challenging!

Otherwise life is good now . . . Ive had a pretty tough week, since about last Sat I have been really really homesick. Not sure exactly why, but it was rough. There were a whole lot of things that just kept popping up and reminding me of people or things from home and it just got overwhelming after a while. So I skipped a day of class and slept and lots of little things all kinda helped even it out and now I have to say I am way way better. Sure I still miss people but its not making me cry at night anymore, so Im doing ok. Lest anyone should worry overmuch, such a breakdown occurs about once a semester . . . its just not usually so strong or long lasting.

God is good, always good and so long as I remember that I have no reason to dispair or lose heart. He promises me that.

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Colin Copland October 1, 2007

Cali is the place to look for cars. My family just bought a 13-year-old Benz for less than $8000. And it has less than 100,000 miles!

I remember some of the cars outside OMC. Before driving anywhere, you would kick the tires for luck! I hope and pray that all things are working together for you because of Yeshua’s plans for you.

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