October . . . is nearly gone!

Beings that is has been a week or so since I last posted and beings that I havent had any expressions of utter despair that I havent written anything just yet . . . I will beat them to the draw and delve once more into the realm of wonder and see what this frazzled mind can produce.

I’ve been busy with school work most of the last week, to the extent that all I did was homework, work, and sleep . . . . at least it seems like that. There are a few things that I was able to do, such as I ran a sound event on Tuesday night for the CPS program, and spent three hours on Friday night playing Ultimate Frisbee in the dark, it was a lot of fun running around in the dark chasing the glowing disc. We had a Frisbee with an LED in the middle and fiber optic strands spreading out from that to the edge, so the disc was more then visible in the dark. Each person was drafted onto one team or the other and then we had glow in the dark bracelets to tell the teams apart, yellow for one team and red and pink for the other. Most definantly harder then normal Ultimate.

Other then those two things . . . havent been up to much . . . got to talk with my parents and one of my brothers on Thursday and Saturday, that was good.

I’ve also been thinking about this next semester, what classes do I take and which ones do i want to take next year and how many more do I actually need to graduate. Its hard to think that I am this close to being done out here . . . I feel like I just started. But such is life, once you are done with the project you move on to the next thing, even if it seems like such a vaugue concept/target.

Well . . . I should be off to try to finish up some more HW before dinner and work. Tonight I have to help with sound for an SLS (Servant Leadership Staff) meeting, they have a meeting about once a month for all the RA’s, ARA’s, RD’s, Dorm Rep’s . . . and any other spot that I am skipping . . . just to get back together for some encouragement. So it will be good . . . just makes for a longer week . . . and its only Sunday!!