kung fu’d

So I started a group that went and saw the Kung Fu Panda midnight showing and I have to say that I am quite impressed with the film. It had a number of funny scenes and lines that we all enjoyed, and was quite far beyond what I expected from it. As a tech nerd there were several shots that I took note of, as well as some artistic things that I dont know that I have seen in any animated film, so I was happy to see it. Sure there are a few little things that are more then unbelievable, but what would you expect from a film starring a tiger, a snake, a preying mantis, a stork, a monkey and a panda.

We loved it, and I would recommend seeing it if you want a lighthearted film to enjoy. The story isnt super deep or anything, and there are a lot of great moments that Im pretty sure we will be quoting for a while.

One thought on “kung fu’d

  1. PaNDa-tIgER-SNakE-pReYINg mAntIS-SToRk-MoNKEy- that would be impressing…..and the kung fu Panda, knows kung fu…..

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