eight weeks and counting . . .

man . . . its crazy how time is passing soooo fast. Three months ago, Im pretty sure I wouldnt have believed it if I knew I was going to end up here!

But, here we sit, and I for one am soooooooo glad we are . . . and Im pretty sure Jennica is to  😉

Friday night we got to go to a progressive dinner with a bunch of peoples from her church, it was cool. Ive never done something like that before and so it was a kinda new experience for me, but it was totally worth it! Got to meet some people that Ive heard about from my time here at TMC, got to briefly reconnect with a few graduates that I havent seen in several years, but most of all just had a good time with friends, food, and fellowship.

Saturday we took off for Santa Monica and their beach. Again, this was somewhere I hadnt been before, so it was a cool place to go and see . . . we ended up walking waaaaaay down the shore, crossing the highway, and working our way up to a park that is along the top side of the bluffs. All I can really say, is that it was beautiful!! We just hung out for a few hours up there, walking, talking, taking a few pictures, etc… We topped off the evening with a gorgeous sunset, sitting on a park bench taking pictures. Its just one of those things I guess, cant ever seem to really be able to spend enough time with her.

God is good, I am blessed, very blessed that He saw fit to give Jennica to me.

Something that is kinda funny, is that Friday night we were talking with some people, and we cant really remember how we met. Seems like the best we can do is assume that it was either Sat morning Frisbee or just being around campus here and there. We never had a class together (outside of Bib. Fun.) and while we know a lot of the same people, we dont spend all that much time together with those friends. Which leads us to one of our favorite things to laugh about . . . being, how many people didnt/dont belive that we are actually dating. Soo many responses have been like “are you serious?” or “you’re kidding, right?” or something very much like that. So we are having a good time with that.

One thing that we do very clearly remember is IBEX. We were privileged to both be part of the same semester to study in Israel. And through the years since then, have just been around school here and there. Still, while I know she hasnt been my friend forever, its been a while and I am super glad I get to date her, but being friends, there is a comfort and joy in that first, and then secondly in her being my girlfriend. I think she said it very well . . . “I’m glad we were friends before all this . . . I can’t imagine it any other way . . .”

Im sure there is tons more . . . but honestly most of the time I am just soooooo overwhelmed by the whole thing. Nothing I could have done would have made this any better, so many times I distinctly remember being unhappy with how things were going, and yet, now that I am sitting on God’s time table nothing could be better. No matter how rough it was to get here.

Eight weeks isnt really all that long . . . Ive been out here at TMC for 4 years and counting . . . but it is long enough to prove(I hope) that this isnt a passing whim. Pray for us, that things will continue to go well, that HW will be finished, and most of all that in our pursuit of each other we would NOT neglect our comittment to others, and most importantly to our Savior. Everything that He has done for us demands our full attention and devotion, I hope that we do not allow Him to be usurped.

7 thoughts on “eight weeks and counting . . .

  1. Hmmm, how about some other responses:
    “I want to be happy for you, but I don’t know if you are lying!”
    “Awww, that makes my heart happy!”

    Yes, I am very happy and blessed, too. Thanks for taking the initiative 8 weeks ago! 😀

  2. I’m telling you, man, everything happens in Santa Monica (well…I guess I mean to say that if it weren’t for Santa Monica, Austin and I may not have ever met). It’s a good place, full of memories. :o) Glad you and Jennica are doing well. I am praying for you! :o)

  3. Congratulations you two on eight weeks. You don’t know how excited we are for you…at least I am.=) I will keep praying for you and looking forward to seeing you both in Jan. Talk to you later. God bless!

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