Braindead . . .

So here it is . . . I’m sitting here, staring at a DS class I just started. Working on the first paper, and . . . it’s just not flowing . . . I feel like its so chopped up still . . . and I was hoping to get like half of this class done before I get back to school . . . oh well . . . I guess if I get just the first paper done I will be doing good.

what else has been going on?

Not too much I suppose . . . staying out of trouble and out of the way for the most part . . . I don’t know how many of you encounter this, but when I get home I find that I have very little to do anymore. Something about being gone for 8+ months of the year, kinda makes everyone else spread out the different tasks that make a household run well, and leaves me as a sort of guest . . . not that I mind all that much really . . .  😉 I have done my share of things over time, but more and more I think I find that each time I come back there is less and less for me to do. The most I have really accomplished this break was to rebuild the family computer, and even that wasn’t all that super difficult, just time confusing and completely confusing if your not quite at the ‘advanced user’ stage of running Windows.

But it brought some other questions up, for instance . . . how can my younger brothers learn to do what I do? and I don’t know as I can really say, I kinda just took off with it at some point like 10 years ago or something . . . designing computers out of parts in the catalogs I would send off for, rebuilding them every time a new magazine arrived and basically then when I was able to afford them components I jumped into them and have been hands-on ever since. I don’t know what caused it or how to encourage it in anyone else . . . but I have to think that it’s just the person, and what interests them.

So yeah . . . I think I’m just going to go to bed and try this whole paper thing again tomorrow . . . see if a fresh start helps it at all . . . and if not . . . I will have yet another fantastic night of rest under my belt . . . may they not be as rare as they have been known to be in the past!!!

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  1. Don’t discount God-given loves…He gives us desires to do something for His glory and to further His kingdom! Just don’t waste it–remember every moment was paid for-with the precious blood of Jesus!

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