blind eye of the law??

So I was driving to church this morning, and was kinda in the middle of a cluster of cars, going just under 80mph . . . when a CHP officer pulls up and around me on the left. He then lights up and pulls the car in front of me over for speeding!!

What makes this kinda funny, is that we were all going the same speed. But the car that got pulled over was a very nice, new looking Cadillac Escalade, all shiny and waxed and stuff. And I was driving the cruddy Honda Accord that has needed a wash for a couple of months.

And it makes me wonder why he chose to stop the car in front of me instead of my Honda. And I got to thinking . . . and the only thing that really makes sense is that he knew that the shiny new car could afford to pay the ticket!!

And yeah, thats my experience from today. Got spared an expensive bill that I cant afford to pay anyway.


And in other news . . . follow this link ( a rather entertaining read . . . courtesy of Daniel . . .

3 thoughts on “blind eye of the law??

  1. the car ahead of you may have been going 1 or 2 mph faster then you when the CHP did the radar reading (know from experience lol)

  2. Hmmm, interesting…I think it was Garret that said he would pull over the person behind, because if a car wasn’t in front slowing everyone else down, that car would be going faster…
    Maybe he thought you were an illegal alien and didn’t want to bother…hehe.
    And that is weird. Pulling over people going 80 in LA? I should be more careful up here. 😛

  3. hehehe . . . yeah, I dont know what to tell you for sure . . . all I know is that he stopped the crazy shiny new Escalade and I just kept on going in my dirty crappy Accord . . . oh well . . . I didnt really want to deal with a speeding ticket on my way to church . . .

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