. . . been a while . . .

So I guess its really been a while since I sat down and poured out the insanity of my life, which means that yes! its been busy, but I spose not totally all crammed full, just busy enough to keep things moving.  Man, trying to think of something special for you all to look forward to is hard, but Im going to try, hopefully it wont be a disaster.

I AM alive!!

Work is going well, we started the semester schedule this past week. Nothing to big I spose but its the first glimpse of routine for me in about 8 months, and so far Im liking it. I have weekends free, which will be a huge blessing since so many of my friends here are still in school, now I wont have to fight classes so much to hang out with peoples. Im really looking forward to that aspect of the semester.

Tonight I got to hang out with some old Chapel Media friends, and meet some new blood coming into the department. It looks like things will be in good hands since only really a few of us graduated and left the office. It does look like I get to go back in and help them out from time to time though, I was asked to work out a day to come in and teach one of the programs that I know to whomever wants/needs to learn it. Its not all that complicated, just confusing cause stuff isnt labeled ‘what it should be.’

About an hour ago I was browsing through pictures of one of several weddings that I was not able to go to this summer. And I dont know, I guess Im just really touched by all these wonderful people that I have been able to meet over the past few years. Friendships really are special, and its taken a while for that to really sink in.

At the same time though, Ive been trying to deal with some really discouraging thoughts associated with these friendships, people that I love who havent seemed to really care or stay in touch once they were done and out of school. Its frustrating when some of the guys you spent a year or two living with kinda just fall off the map and no one really knows what they are up too. It feels like that whole time was a waste!! I know though that the fault isnt always someone else’s, I am at fault quite often for dropping the ball on keeping people up to date with where I am. So please as you find time pray for me in this way, Im really missing some of my friends and I dont know where to turn.

Something else I am finding is that now that I am not all that super busy, I am not all that good when I spend extended time alone. I NEED people to talk to, people to share things with, people to go do things with. Im sure for some of you this is a suprise, considering that I was constantly trying to get away from all the people around me up until the end of this last semester. But I guess now that I havent had all that many people close to me for a few months that I really trust, I really miss it.

Something else that I never really expexted to find myself doing is looking for a grad school. But here I am now looking up programs and requesting catalogs from a very few schools. I still dont know that I am going to apply anywhere, but it does sound sort of appealing, so we shall have to wait and see. With the extra information I should be getting soon in the mail, things may sound better or worse, Im waiting for it all to show up. But its on my mind, which is honestly kinda weird sometimes when I catch myself thinking about it. Oh well, eventually we’re all dead and it dont really matter . . .

Before I get all dark and depressed on you, I’ll let you go. Ive written some other things that may end up here in a few more days, but Ive got to refine it first, so check back on like . . . Wednesday or so . . . I’ll try to have it up by then.


Night . . .

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  1. aj, i’ve been wondering about you…. i’m glad that i now have someway to pray for you and will continue. i hope that you will find another way to serve in the church out there and that you will give everything over to God. He’s the only one that can give you peace and true contentment.
    see ya!

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