and then it was February . . . well, almost . . .

I know its been a while. Things have been busy, hopping right along just as fast as they can. Its kinda scary that I wrote last in mid-November and here it is the beginning of January and I havent had a whole lot cross my mind here to post. But I guess in some ways thats a good thing, it means my life has reached that boring peak of predictibility and routine. Nothing new or crazy going on anymore, everything under control.

Hahaha, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

What it really means is that I have just been neglecting to write. Getting home from work and crashing before getting up and chasing my tail in circles and then heading back to work. Its not a good excuse, but it sure feels like it.  😉

So, what HAVE I been up to?

I really dont know.

Ive been working, still with Security at Master’s, and I was taking a class this past semester. It basically kicked my butt, I was so confused with the assigned reading and even our ‘lectures’. But in the end, it made enough sense that I got an A- for the semester. I was happy. I was VERY happy. My cumulative GPA actually went UP!! It was nice.

Otherwise a lot of things were just status-quo. Work , sleep, groceries and all those normal sorts of things in life that seem to take over and run you out of time every day.

About 3 weeks ago, Jennica was able to go home with me! We had a pretty good time, there was a lot of snow thanks to a weather front that went through the day before we got there. But we had a good time nontheless. Jennica wasnt as frozen as she thought she was going to be, which is good, cause frozen girlfriend would have been terrible!!

She met way too many people to remember at our Open House, but she was glad to be there for it. I for one was also very glad that she got to come 😉 My grandpa turned up and that was a surprise to everyone!! But a very good surprise, I counted back and it had been 5-6 years since I had seen him. So it was really good to see him and get to talk to him for a little bit.

There was of course the usual hodge-podge of people that came, family friends, extended family, neighbors, a few of my sister’s co-workers, and I dont know who all else. A lot of food was eaten and many stories told. It was a great afternoon!!

In other, other news . . . one of my roommates is getting married in April, so if you know of anyone out here in the greater Los Angeles area that is looking for somewhere to live, send him our way! We have an unfurnished room and are looking for a Christian guy to live with us . . . let me know!

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