the beginning of the crossposting . . .

So I made it home in great shape last Friday night and had a great time meeting with the rest of my family. Saturday I went with my parents to a series of open houses for HS graduation, not to bad of an afternoon. I was unpacking and all that as well during those few days as well. Sunday I was back at church with the greater family that I have back here and I love them all so much. It is good to be home!!

Monday I started my summer job, yeah I am working this year again . . . go figure. This summer I am working for the Police Department here at home as a Community Service Officer working on nuisance property. It is my job to run around town writing reports and starting the process to removal of junk cars in addition to gettting those yards cleaned up that are all overgrown and need mowing. So far I have been to only a couple of sites and actually did one form from start to finish. It is interesting to be working with people who are so used to what they are doing that I am learning more just by watching and listening to them than by hands on training, but I am learning so dont worry.

With the first few cases that I am working on, I have been in filling out reports and all this kind of paperwork and I can see already that even though my job is lesser there is tons of it . . . so the rest of the real force must have bucketloads of paper to fill out, I do not envy them for that at all.

My work day seems short, 8 hours without an unpaid break . . . so I am off at 4. It leaves lots of time for other stuff but as of right now I dont have much else to do with my time . . . so I have been rearranging the files on my laptop and adding music to it and just some plain goofing off . . .so it had been good.

Anyways, hang in there and I will see you all later!!!!