Read this . . . think about it . . .

“It costs more mental effort to listen to a well reasoned sermon, that a flowery one that starts from no premises and comes to no conclusion. We do not believe that it is a complete definition of sin to say that it is laziness, but it is safe theology to say that every sinner is lazy. When, therefore, clear and logical statements of Christian truth are made, they require an effort on the part of the hearer to follow them from beginning to end. This effort he is unwilling to make, and instead of repenting of his sin and forsaking it, he decries doctrinal preaching.”

– William G. T. Shedd, 1877

One thought on “Read this . . . think about it . . .

  1. Right on Amos (and Mr. Shedd). Hey call me sometime, we need to talk about stuff for next year.

    Bryan K.

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