God’s timing . . .

God’s timing IS perfect, just cant say that I always understand that very well.

A week ago Saturday was a long emotion filled day, for several reasons I wont go into here, and a few that I will.

Started off the day bright and way to early with a bunch of photos for Luke and Danielle’s wedding. I am now of the opinion that 6.30 should be banned from EVER being used for anything but sleeping . . . but there we were, a bunch of friends and relatives all gussied up and looking good for pictures. They seemed to go well enough, and it was only a couple of hours before we were done . . . crazy how things like that work. Anyway, I was one of the groomsman for Luke, and I think we had a really great time all around getting ready and such.

As always, the wedding really starts the night before with the rehearsal . . . and as a group we were in rare form. Im pretty sure the wedding coordinator was ready to shut all of us groomsmen in a seperate room and forget we existed, but she didnt, and we ended up having a great time together. Funny how a group of guys all end up being on the same page for most of the night, and none of us had ever really hung out very extensively . . . oh well . . . we had a good time.
Saturday morning everything went well enough I spose, pictures and then the ceremony and then a reception and then a trip up to the married couple’s house to drop off gifts and pick up the grooms tux to return to the store. Good times for sure.
Something though that was competing directly against this was a series of text messages I was getting from my sister. She was keeping me up to date as well as she could with the status of one of our friends.

Friday night while I was partying it up, my friend Homar had a really serious asthma attack back there in Nebraska. He was rushed to the hospital in really bad shape. Not responsive or even breathing on his own.

Saturday afternoon he died. I found out that evening when my dad called. I took it pretty hard, Homar and his wife were part of our family in a lot of ways and sitting down after the funeral we figured that we had known them for something like 17 years . . . ever since I was 8.

I cant say that Homar was someone I really confided in, but I always talked to him when I was home, and over those years we did a lot of things together. Most of it centered around gardening, they were huge gardeners and taught me and our whole family probably everything we know about it. There’s also a lot of other things, hymn sings at our house, holiday dinners together, work days at church, homeschool stuff, piano lessons, and I dont know what all else.

So we bring it back to God’s timing. And its not easy to trust Him through times like this. Running on a high from teh wedding and then crashing hard with news of his death. Doesnt make a whole lot of sense to me how this is going to work out, I cant see whats going to happen because of what’s been happening. I dont know what Im learning right now, I dont know what Im teaching those who are watching.

What I do know is this: God’s timing IS perfect. There is nothing that he brings about that isnt the best possible outcome for all those involved and impacted by it. It isnt the easiest, please note that we are nowhere told that life is going to be easy, but the BEST for us. Tough times build character, they build reliance on God, they build faith and trust in God, they make you apply the head-knowledge of what you know to the way that you live your life. Theology becomes not a academic field, but applicationally applied to ones life and transforms it.

Pray for me, that I wont waste the opportunity to learn from this.

Pray for Homar’s widow as she adjusts to life without him, also as she is going to have to make a lot of decisions now about her future.

Pray for my family as they are going to feel his loss even more then I am.

Pray for my church that they will effectively minister to everyone who has been hit by Homar’s death.

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  1. Amos, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your/your family’s friend. I will keep you all in my prayers.
    On a different note, I really enjoy reading these blogs that you post. Have a great week.

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