Been awhile . . .

Welcome friends!

 So I sit here, eating light pastel M&M’s left over from Easter, and it hits me like a pillow swung by my brother . . . I havent written anything in a while!! so I am here to try to update you all on what has happened in the last few weeks . . . and dare I say up front that its been alot!! In a sense its been over a month since anything of significance went up . . . so this is yet another attempt to satisfy some curious minds.

 Since Easter or so, things have been rather busy. With classes and all the associated homework on top of extrodinary feats being accomplished with work, it is a wonder sometimes that I surrvived. Nothing really crazy or insane took place as the semester ended, or rather I guess I should say that I didnt notice much.

 One of my former roomates got engaged, Congratulations to Mark and Margot! may your time together be fruitful and beneficial not only to each other but also to the church(es) you serve in! Of course this will tend to raise some questions aimed my direction, but I will skip those for now . . .

 Some other news of slight significance, I passed all my classes this semester! Makes me happy to know that even with my schedule of hectic-ness I was able to swing solid B’s by the grace of God. He has proved soooooooo faithful to me, especially when we got to the end of April and I had a ton of stuff due and little time to finish it or sleep. God is amazing!! Dont you ever forget it! Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me, it was quite a struggle at points, and a whole lot of fun at others!!

Just a few of these people helped me through at a time, but this list is not complete by far of all the friends who helped me think through things or even just listen to my tales of woe.

Ashley B.

Ben M.

Brooke E.

Bryan K.

Cesar P.

Chris G.

Deborah R.

Isaias G.

James D.

Jess H.

Joe H.

Luke N.

Mike D.

Praus N.

Sara T.

Tina O.

And we have our spring breakers who gave me a great opportunity to get away, to see something/somewhere new, to meet parents and friends . . . lets do it again!!

Paul E.

Elizabeth H.

Lindy S.

Leslie Ann T.

Shane T.

Sara T.

Jennica B.

 Finals kinda wrapped everything up for the semester and then I was part of the graduation setup crew. We started working at 6am that Friday morning, hauling in some equipment and getting the trusses and lights and curtains all hung in a efficient manner and kicking it out of there by about 10.30. It was a lot of fun and got to hang out with my setup buddies yet one more day. I miss you guys and the sweet times in the gym stacking chairs and packing up equipment.

 After teardown that night I had some last minute packing to do and then I headed down to the super airport of Burbank for my trip home. Everything went well, got home in one piece as did all my luggage. My parents and two youngest brothers met me in Omaha and picked me up, it was sooooo good to see them again! On our way home we stopped at a graduation open house for a friend, then off to my room when we got here. I have to say as I survey what damage has been done . . . that it is work to move in, I still have suitcases on the floor and clothes in little piles all over the place. Even though I have lots of room in the dresser still, just havent made it yet . . . oh well . . . *shrugs*

 Anyway, I done got home and had about a two day rest before everything sorta took off for my brothers wedding. Yes indeed!! You did read that right, my brother done got himself married!!! His wife (how weird to say that…) is a fantastic girl, has been good friends with my sisters for several years. Im looking forward to many great times ahead as she is now officially part of the family!

 I was in the wedding along with one of my other brothers as groomsmen and my twin sisters as bridesmaids, complementing Allen, Jordan, Ashley and Tiffany who were also part of the bridal party. I have to say from this side of the ceremony that its not that big of a deal to be part of it. I mean, we had to parade down the aisle arm in arm without tripping (major concern for Tiffany whose dress was a little long) line up and then just stand there looking pretty, then reverse the procedure on the way out . . . not to bad at all 😉

 Afterwards we had the reception in the fellowship hall attached to the church and had it all packed out, I think the guest list had nearly 300 people on it . . . and Im sure it could have been much longer . . . probably three times as long!!! There were alot of people that I hadnt seen in a long time, as well as a bunch that I didnt know at all. It was so much fun to see everyone. If you were there you know who you are, and I am so glad I got to see you!! If you missed it, Im sorry . . . come to the next one!

 As is perhaps normally the case (I really dont know cause Ive not been in many weddings …) I got asked over and over about being the next one to ‘go’ . . . not that I minded tooooo much, but I seriously think it was asked entirely to many times.

FOR THE RECORD: I am currently single and thoroughly enjoying it! Not to say there arent any potential matches out there, I am just not pushing it all that hard and would rather see my friendships strengthened before I start married life. I heard this from a wonderful friend recently and I think it is highly applicable “I want to marry my best friend.” Right now, that spot is still open.

 This was wedding number two for me this year . . . and I think I have two more that I was invited to this summer that I shall not be able to attend . . . and at least one more that I will be going to (yes Ross, I am coming!). This one gives me hope, seemingly out of the blue (well not really . . . some of us had insider knowledge) he announced their official relational status over Christmas and then rather abruptly (again seemingly) was engaged over spring break, so if it can happen to him . . . Ive got nothing to worry about . . . hehehehehehehe

 This week I started my new job, Im going to be pulling 12 hours at a time . . . 4 sometimes 5 days a week from 6pm to 6am. It shall be challenging I think, but it should be worth it in the end being able to come back to school. My job is in a cold storage facility where we recieve pork products and store them, then fill orders with those same products at some point in the future. The cooler is something like 28 degrees . . . and the freezer is -6. Also we have a blast freezer that will freeze fresh meat solid in two days that is something like -20 with a windchill factor of -60 . . . really really stinking cold!! I have basically no idea what I am going to be doing, my first day was basically just forklift training, so watch out!!! Ive got skills now . . . . .

 I guess thats about it, I know theres been more going on . . . and Im sure that theres a lot of things I missed or overlooked . . . but in a rather long nutshell I guess thats about all Ive got for tonight . . .

 May God bless and keep you!

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  1. fun stuff yo…but question my father posed to me the other night, when will you have time to come to the house now? shall you be a part of AO this summer, or just hang out and be a bum?

  2. Fork lift skills, awesome!!!! Thanks for your faithfulness this year Amos. You are amazing and very skilled. I’m blessed to work with you. Couldn’t do it without guys like you. Lord willing, next year will be the best yet!

    Bryan K.

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